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In September 2018, NeighborWorks Great Falls engaged the services of internationally renowned mural artist Cameron Moberg to create a series of murals in downtown Great Falls that reflect the history and culture of the community. Together with artist Sheree Nelson, the duo created four murals at this location. Nelson also created the 5th panel as part of the new ArtsFest MONTANA in 2019. In response to the success of this project, the community is continuing to secure the services of artists to create new murals throughout the community.

Cameron Moberg and Sheree Nelson

Smile, Glasses, Eye, Vision care

Dragonfly Wings

Pollinator, Eye, Insect, Nature

Welcome to Great Falls

Building, Font, Art, Window

Montana Meadowlark Flies!

Building, Road surface, Paint, Graffiti

Sheree Nelson and Summer Flowers

Flower, Plant, Paint, Leaf

Great Falls 406 Icons

Azure, Paint, Font, Art paint

The first mural, "Dragonfly Wings," is located on the far left of the Dragonfly Dry Goods building, formerly the Grand Hotel. Cameron Moberg painted dragonfly wings to reflect the work of the store and also to allow visitors and residents to become part of the work by centering themselves between the wings. The artists also created the "Welcome to Great Falls" mural which was also painted by Cameron Moberg. Similar to his other murals, Moberg created the work with spray paint, or "rattle can" art as he calls it. The murals are part of a larger project to connect residents and visitors to the history and culture of downtown Great Falls, and has become a popular place for photographs owing to the vibrant colors and design that reflect a postcard.

Downtown Murals: Bringing New Life Community Culture & Arts, Neighbor Works Great Falls. October 4th 2018. Accessed September 29th 2021.

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NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls

NeighborWorks Great Falls