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Situated prominently in a public square in the western side of the city, Boone County Courthouse has served as the seat of county government since its construction in 1917. Designed by Architect Norman T. Vorse, it is an excellent example of Renaissance Revival architecture, featuring large Corinthian columns, a dentilated cornice, and arched windows. The courthouse also represents the status and authority of the county government. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981 for its architecture and association with local government.

Boone County Courthouse

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The first courthouse—a log structure—was built soon after Boone County was established in 1851. It proved to be rather inadequate from the start. An early court session was interrupted by a thunderstorm that was so loud the judge could not hear the proceedings and adjourned the court. The second courthouse was a two-story structure built in 1856 (it is unclear what material it was built of) and it was used until 1868 when a new, larger courthouse was built here in Boone. Built of brick and featuring stone columns, the courthouse was three stories high and originally had a 68-foot hight dome. Construction of the present courthouse cost $250,000 to build. Inside, the building features marble walls and terrazzo floors.

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