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Morgan had feared that the Glendale railroad crossing could be a disaster area. If he was unsuccessful in his deception of an attack on Cincinnati and Hamilton US forces could be waiting for them. Fortunately for the raiders, the deception had been successful, not one US soldier waited for them. 

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Glendale 1860

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Original Glendale Train Depot

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Leaving Bevis, Morgan led his reformed brigade toward New Burlington. While there, Morgan stopped at the home of Colonel J. Williamson. The Colonel was not home but his wife stated that Morgan requested a light which he used while viewing maps of the region. After a brief rest, Morgan moved north through present-day Forest Park and Springdale.

In Springdale, Morgan and his weary men stopped for a rest. The General and his brother, rested at the home of John Watson, the local butcher, where other raiders forced Watson to cook breakfast for them. Two Confederates fell asleep in the Churchyard and in the morning were taken prisoner by armed local citizens.

30 minutes before the arrival of Morgan’s scouts into Glendale, a train passed through carrying US troops to reinforce the garrison at Hamilton. Before leaving, rebels damaged the railroad and used the telegraph office to send out telegraphs to further confuse US forces.

Today, the third interpretive sign in the tour sits outside the Glendale Heritage Preservation Society Museum and Gift Shop. The museum is located in the train depot built in 1880 after the original white frame railroad depot burned in 1879.

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