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This bank was chartered as a West Virginia state bank on August 6, 1902 and began its first day of operations on August 15th.

A group of local businessmen led by Bernard J. Barker organized the Grant County Bank in Petersburg, WV. Mr. Barker was a merchant, farmer, and politician. Other organizers and charter members included D.P. Hendrickson, J.W. Day, L.J. Forman, A.A. Parks, and William C. Moomau. 1

On August 15, 1902, on the south corner of Main Street and Virginia Avenue located in the Barker Building, the Grant County Bank began its operations. The first employees were Mr. Barker, who served as cashier, with Mr. Moomau serving as assistant cashier. The organizational expenses consisted of $21.00 for charter, safe $415.00, burglary insurance $20.00, furniture $41.50, and a stagecoach charge for 60 cents for the bank's first currency shipment. 1

In 1908, the bank moved into its new building, which is a two-story frame structure located on the south corner of Main and Water Streets. It was located there until it moved across the street to 1 North Main Street and a new two-story granite and marble building. The bank remained at this location until 1974 when it moved to its present quarters, an modern, spacious banking facility. 1

In 1984, The Grant County Bank formed a one bank holding company, Highlands Bankshares, Inc. In 1987, the holding company acquired Capon Valley Bank, with banking offices in Wardensville and Moorefield, West Virginia, and in 1989, The Grant County bank opened a new branch, the North Fork Office in Riverton, Pendleton County, West Virginia. The Grant County Bank has served the area for over 100 years. Today the two-story marble and granite building is still standing and is located next to the modern bank in Petersburg. 1

1. See scanned photo. From Moomau-Grant County Public Library in Petersburg, WV.