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The Pinch Reunion Grounds located in Pinch, West Virginia is home of the longest running community reunion in the nation. The reunion was founded in 1902 by William W. Wertz, who was also a former mayor of Charleston.

  • WV Historical Marker

William W. Wertz founded the Pinch community reunion in 1902. Since that time it has become the longest running community reunion in the nation. Located just off the main road in Pinch, West Virginia the Pinch reunion grounds leave much to be desired. The grounds consist of a small piece of land off the main road and a small covered "pavilion" that plays hosts to musicians and other types of entertainers. The idea was for the people of the community to have a place to meet once a year and enjoy each other's company while sharing food and entertainment. Today the town still hosts its annual reunion at the grounds and continues the tradition originated all those years ago by Mr. Wertz.

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