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The Mason-Drennen House was a rural homestead and commercial enterprise which took advantage of its location along the Weston-Gauley Bridge Turnpike in Drennen, WV, to host travelers and those who wished to take the waters of the nearby mineral springs.

The oldest portion of the house was constructed in the same year that Nicholas county was formed, 1818. In 1832 it was sold to Jacob Drennen, as well as 137 acres of land, for one dollar. Drennen built the addition to the cabin and operated a post office and store in town.

At the time, transportation through Nicholas County was limited to a few roads or bridle paths. The major roads connected to the Kanawha and James River Turnpike at Gauley Bridge, Settlement of the county occurred in two directions. The primary direction was fi-om Charleston and Kanawha County, to the south and west along the Turnpike and Gauley Bridge, This is indicated by the early settlement of communities along Peters Creek. These communities include Lockwood and the Morris settlements; Drennen's settlements in and around the town of Drennen; and the Kessler’s Cross Lanes vicinity. Access to all of these town would have occurred past the Mason-Drennen house and store. This would have made the location particularly valuable, and the business location significant to the local area.

The house left the Drennen family by 1919 and had been exchanged three times by 1921. Martin Mason acquired the property in 1921 through his marriage to Elizabeth Dorsey. Mason continued to run the property as an inn and as a recreation area. Many residents of the county remember picnicking and having Sunday "retreats" to the spring site and the inn. There were dances and entertainment available. At this time, the inn was known as "Mary's Entertainment."