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Lola passed Gendarmenmarkt on her way to the bank. In the first two versions, the stylish squares and sculptures were seen from above, and in the third, finally from the ground. It is Berlin's most beautiful historical square, which had been repaired really successfully after WWII. Gendarmenmarkt is located in central Berlin (Berlin-Mitte) a few blocks to the south. It is located in central Berlin (Berlin-Mitte).

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Gendarmenmarkt is in a square Berlin and the surrounding complex includes the parts of the Berlin Concert Hall with the French and German churches. In the center of the square stands a huge statue of the poet Friedrich Schiller (Friedrich Schiller). The square was created as the Lindenmarkt by Johann Arnold Nering at the end of the 17th century and rebuilt by Georg Christian Unger in 1773. The Gendarmenmarkt is named after the Gens d'Arme s, a cavalry regiment in the breastplate. The Schiller Monument pays tribute to the poet, philosopher, and historian Friedrich Schiller, who is also considered one of the most important playwrights and lyricists of the German language. The statue was made by the famous 19th-century German sculptor Reinhold Begas. It is a registered historical monument.

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