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Bob's Woods is located behind and adjacent to Francis Hall, and is a patch of woods that borders the Allegheny River Trail. The patch of woods was dedicated to Friar Robert M. Stewart on October 1, 2007, who had lost a lengthy battle with cancer on September 1, 2001. The woods are home to old oil farm berms that snake through the forest, and where Friar Bob would go on his routine run.

Bob's Woods by photographer Danny Wilkins

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob's Woods offered a unique experience in a world of social distance and total shutdown. Students, faculty, and members of the community would enjoy a place where COVID didn't seem to exist, a place where everyone could relax and enjoy the beauty of Western New York. Activities such as biking, hiking, running, etc. were commonplace in Bob's Woods, and the nearby Allegheny River offers beauty (and benches) of its' own. In a time where anxiety and paranoia have become normal, the atmosphere of Bob's Woods changed little, being one of the only places on the St. Bonaventure Campus that managed to keep its 'personality' the same during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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