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Cafe La Verna is one of two cafes on campus. This is a place that facilitates conversation while giving students a decently quiet area to work and relax. You can enjoy Starbucks products in the comfort of lounging chairs, as well as tables for meals with friends. This cafe is a frequently visited place for most students, with a dining hall attached and available for those that have swipes.

Cafe La Verna

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Cafe La Verna

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Inside Cafe La Verna

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Cafe La Verna used to be a hub of socialization here on campus. With the arrival of the pandemic, things shifted a bit. Students were able to sit and enjoy themselves in the cafe, but it was borderline discouraged to mingle during the pandemic. On top of these precautions, seating was very limited and workers were required to wash off tables and seating before the next consumers arrived. Even though there were some changes, it was still the same old cafe that students remembered prior to COVID. It still offered the same drinks and food, same hospitality, and same environment, maybe even quieter due to the lesser traffic. Cafe La Verna also has received new furniture catering to the electronic needs of students. During the pandemic, tables were upgraded allowing for students to charge their devices without being a tripping hazard for other patrons.