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During the Fall 2020 and Spring, 2021 semesters at St. Bonaventure Swann Business Center experienced subtle changes to their classrooms and the policies in the classrooms. In order to comply with the COVID-19 pandemic protocols, Swann's classrooms were modified to allow social distancing between students. Swann's classrooms were still big enough to allow classes to happen there to allow students to best opportunity to learn.

Classroom Swann 103

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Classroom Swann 109

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In Swann's classrooms, the changes varied from classroom to classroom. Either chairs & desks would be spread apart to a distance of six feet for social distancing or chairs would be marked off to allow social distancing. In Swann 103 as pictured above students were spaced out among the rows six feet away from each other. In other classrooms like Swann 109 & 209 chairs were marked off to show where students couldn't sit since these chairs were immovable, unlike the chairs in other Swann classrooms. The common protocol was for students to spry their desks with disinfectant spray at the start and end of class and maintain a distance of six feet away from each other. Swann 103 & 109 are pictured above.

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