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Before he was President of the United States, Lincoln visited Dallas City during his 1858 Campaign for Senate against Steven Douglas. The Lincoln-Douglas Debates are very well known and was one of Lincoln's first steps to becoming President of the United States. Lincoln's campaign trail took him many places and you can come and visit one of the places Lincoln did too.

Lincoln in Dallas City

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During Abraham Lincoln's campaign for Senate he visited Dallas City, IL. During this campaign he was also involved in the well-known Lincoln-Douglas Debates. These were 7 debates between the two candidates. Ultimately Lincoln got the victory and the seat in Senate but you can come and explore the campaign trail and see where Abraham Lincoln stood and talked to the people of Dallas City. There are actually two signs to see here in Dallas City, IL. One is the Looking for Lincoln sign and right behind it is a rock stating that "Lincoln spoke here". While you're reading the signs and enjoying the history, you can also get a great and up close view of the Mississippi River.

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