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Part of a series of "wayside", or roadside, signs providing information on Lincoln's experiences in Rushville. The Looking for Lincoln projects provides the following information on their wayside exhibits: "Looking for Lincoln wayside exhibits tell the stories of Lincoln’s life and times in Illinois. Each wayside exhibit tells a unique Lincoln story and a local story. Many of the waysides share little known stories about Lincoln and the individuals he interacted with. There are over 260 Looking for Lincoln waysides in the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area."  

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This wayside exhibit provides information on Lincoln's service during the Black Hawk War in 1832. Lincoln served as an officer in the conflict, and camped his company near Rushville on his way to the fight. This event became famous for a wrestling match between Lincoln and the champion of a St. Clair company over the campsite. Lincoln, although possessing a "reputation as an unbeatable wrestler", Lincoln was beat twice by Thompson, "the St. Clair boys" champion. Finally, the inscription also provides information on John Scripps, a prominent Rushville citizen who briefly traveled with the captured Chief Blackhawk upon his release from prison.

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