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Chartered in 1762, Romney is the second oldest city in WV. During the civil war, it changed hands a number of times which is reflective of the ebb and flow of the fight itself. 

On June 13th Col Lewis Wallace and his troops captured the bridge at Romney. Built in 1838, this covered bridge was an important link in east-west travel along the Northwestern Turnpike. 

The style of the attack is described as a skirmish or a minor fight in a scattered formation. Later it was discovered that the confederates had been informed that the union soldiers were approaching and they had a chance to organize a retreat.

The next day, confederate forces led by Col A.P. Hill took back the bridge.

This describes the way most of the civil war influenced this small but strategic town in Hampshire county. It was strategic because of its proximity to the railroad line. Many abandoned private homes were occupied by soldiers and commandeered for military use. There were many homes burned down by other soldiers on their pass through the town.

One house that endured is the Davis House on Main Street. It is currently a museum displaying Civil War artifacts. 

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