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The historic Jennerstown Speedway Complex is located in Jennerstown, Somerset County in the Western PA’s Laurel Highlands, at the intersection of Rt 30 and Rt 985 on the historic Lincoln Highway. In nearly constant operation since the 1920s, the Jennerstown Speedway Complex has seen nearly 100 years of racecar history on its grounds—from the days of dirt tracks to today’s asphalt affairs. 

Old Photo of Jennerstown Speedway

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First known as the Jenners Fairgrounds, this racetrack dates back to the late 1920s as it hosted “big car” racing on a flat half-mile dirt oval. As speed racing evolved, so did the track and attractions provided at the complex—a light dirt quarter mile track was built in 1953 and the half-mile track was abandoned, only to return 14 years later. By the late 1960s the grounds were purchased by local businessmen John Frambaugh, Sam Turrillo, Bill Philson, John Philson, Doc Whiney, Harry Horne and Piney and the track was rebuilt into one of the fastest half-mile dirt ovals in the nation. The track further modernized in 1987.

After a brief closure from 2009-2014, the track reopened to the enthusiasm of locals and drivers. The racetrack remains a popular attraction for race fans in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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