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From the Greenway, walk a couple of blocks up to Seigle Avenue. Cross Seigle Avenue and the mural will be on your right.

Title: Queen City Animal Hospital

Location: 920 Belmont Avenue Queen City Animal Hospital

Artist: Matt Hooker, Matt Moore, and Alexandra Loesser Schoen

Date: 2019

Media: Acrylic paint

Artist Info: @hookermedia, @puckmcgruff,


Queen City Animal Hospital mural

A variety of animals, including a dog, cat, parrot, lizard, and bunny  are painted on the side of the wall.

Story: Local fine artist Alexandra Loesser Schoen, produces studio art with a style rooted in the study of nature but with a touch of magical realism and mystery. Through a contact she got a lead on a mural. But since she’d never painted a mural before she reach out to friends. Her long-time friends just happened to be mural super-heroes, Matt Hooker and Matt Moore. With a collaborative design, aerosol work by Hooker and Moore, and brushwork by Shoen, a fun, colorful, animal-filled wall is added to the street . 


Key Formal Elements:

·     Focal point of the Great Dane

·     Implied motion of the parrot at upper left


Make the Connection: Queen City Animal Hospital celebrated their opening with a mural. It is also very cool that they converted an old grocery store into a vet’s office. Coolness abounds here and make sure that you peek around the corner to see the furry little fellas on the other wall. This business treats a lot of exotic pets so make sure you find the furry, scaley, feathery creatures that are not cats or dogs.