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Prospect Street

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Claremont Literary Walking Tour - Stop #5

Built in 1879, this was the home of Otis F. R. Waite. Waite learned the printing trade in New York and worked in several newspapers in Hew Hampshire and Massachusetts. He worked his way up to editor and publisher of several newspapers including the National Eagle in Claremont. Waite also held several political offices during his lifetime.

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Otis F. R. Waite held several political offices during his lifetime and served in the post of general recruiting officer for Sullivan County during the Civil war. Following the war Waite wrote Claremont War History about the soldiers and regiments from Claremont. This volume was followed by two more books on the Civil War, one on Vermont and the other on New Hampshire during the war. Later came a tour guide of the east coast and his final book, History of the Town of Claremont, New Hampshire, published in 1895. Waite died a few months following the publication of Claremont's town history.