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Bond Street

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Claremont Literary Walking Tour -- Stop #9

George P. Hunton purchased this house in 1894 for his family residence and immediately set about remodeling the building. Hunton was a businessman operating a clothing store. He built two business blocks and had other real estate ventures in Claremont.

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This was the boyhood home of George K. Hunton. The Hunton family lived here for a dozen years before moving to New York City. George recalled in his biography that the family was proud of their Catholic heritage and that the family was very accepting of Black people. George had attended Stevens High School in Claremont for two years when the family moved to New York and he finished secondary school at Holy Cross Preparatory School. After one year at Holy Cross College he began the study of law at Fordham University, graduating in 1910.

Hunton worked for the Legal Aid Society before hanging out his own shingle. His view of race equality had been established at home in his youth. Working with Father John LaFarge and others, Hunton established the Catholic Interracial Council and became editor of its Interracial Review. Hunton also served on the board of directors of the NAACP from 1955 to 1965.

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