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The Buck Hill Inn is an abandoned resort located near Buck Hill Falls in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The Inn opened in 1901 as a small 18 room wooden hotel. Shortly thereafter the Inn was expanded into a large stone resort that can still be visited today. The Inn was named one of the top ten convention centers in the United States during its heyday. Financial difficulties led to the resorts closure in 1990 and the Inn has sat abandoned for 25 years.

  • The entrance to the Buck Hill Inn in the mid 1900s.
  • The Olympic size swimming pool at the Buck Hill Inn.
  • The Buck Hill Inn during Fall.
  • Inside the Buck Hill Inn.
  • The dining room at the Buck Hill Inn, 1953.
  • Creepy night time photo of the abandoned Inn.
  • Inside the abandoned Inn.
  • The now abandoned Buck Hill Inn.
Opened in 1901, the Buck Hill Inn was originally a small 18- room Inn built as a retreat for Pennsylvania Quakers and had a strict ban on alcohol. By the mid 1920s the Inn expanded to a large resort which was now open to the public. Later expansion in the 1980s led to a 400+ room resort and conference center. The Inn features 5,000 acres of scenic woods and views of the Pocono Mountains. Located adjacent to Buck Hill Falls, the Inn was a popular vacation spot during its 89 year run. By the 1980s the Buck Hill Inn featured an outdoor Olympic sized pool, an indoor pool with retractable roof, a dining hall, and two lavish lobbies.1,4

During its run the Buck Hill Inn was voted one of the top ten convention centers in America. An excerpt from "Great Convention Centers" by Eric G. Anderson states; "The largest resort in the Poconos is self-sufficient, even to having its own fire department. It also has 14 tennis courts, two golf courses and putting greens, two lawn bowling greens, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and an indoor skating rink almost as big as Madison Square Gardens."2

During its heyday the resort welcomed thousands of guests and became a playground for the rich and famous. Unfortunately in 1990 after the owners of the Inn filed for bankruptcy they immediately evicted guests and closed the doors forever. The Inn has sat abandoned for 25 years. In 2000 the Inn was featured on MTV's Fear where they claim the abandoned Inn is haunted and has caused numerous murders and suicides. There is still much debate over what to do with the abandoned Inn. In the late 2000s an investment firm had purchased the property but once the financial crisis hit the Inn went up for sale again. The Inn awaits decisions on whether or not to restore it to its former glory or demolish the resort and rebuild on the property .3

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