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This home was built in 1938 by Victor Nurmi for the purpose of promoting upscale residences in his new subdivision. It was opened to the public on Sunday, October 23, 1938. The first day it was open, some 3,000 people viewed the home, coming from all over, including Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Flint, Port Huron, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

2312 Nurmi

2-story house, white, lawn

Victor Nurmi was a prolific housing developer in the Great Lakes Bay Region, and Bay City in particular. Originally owned by Richard and Ruth Johnson, the home's public opening drew press coverage as well as many visitors. The local newspaper provided ample descriptions of what visitors found when touring the upscale Nurmi Builders home: "...At the upper left and right can be seen the corner bays of glass, unique features of the room, which serve to carry out the theme of 'bringing the outdoors, indoors'. The white an blue tile fireplace is shown at the left. Entrance to the room is gained from the reception hall... Within the first few weeks of it being open to the public, nearly 20,000 visitors walked through the house. Some report having to wait in line for hours" (Bay City Times, Sunday, Oct. 23, 1938).

The home touted "ultra-modern" electric kitchen appliances. The space was designed for function, providing a breakfast nook as well. General Electric Home bureau helped with planning a state-of-the-art space.

The newspaper called is neo-classical design and stipulated that the home was 90 x 36 feet and set on the center of a 111 x 145 feet lot. Two-stories, brick and featured 12 rooms and two bathrooms. It also had a 2-car attached garage. The newspaper was especially complimentary about the dining room: "'The 'Garden Dining Room' is the showplace of the Nurmi exhibitional home. Located at the south of the reception hall, the room has a large room-high window that overlooks the garden in the rear. The sunken ceiling, indirect lighting, scenic wallpaper, Swedish modern furniture, rapes and hangings, makes the room one of the most outstanding of the home" (Bay City Times, Oct 23 1938).

Bay City Times, Oct 23, 1938.

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