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My sculptures and two-dimensional works engage users through blends of organic, geometric, and architectural forms. Positive and negative spaces interact via cut-outs, layered curved profiles, projected shadows, and transitions of light and color. My sculptures are approachable at human scale, inviting the viewer to move around the work to explore planes, edges and volumes accentuated by bold color. They evoke rather than faithfully reproduce natural forms and draw on diverse artistic references from Maurice Sendak (In the Night Kitchen) to Henri Matisse cutouts, Anthony Caro and Frank Stella sculptures, and paintings as diverse as those of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Stuart Davis, or David Hockney.

High Desert Kelp

Sky, Plant, Tree, Sculpture

High Desert Kelp

Cloud, Sky, Jeans, Plant

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Supported by the Lyons Community Foundation

Azure, Rectangle, Font, Parallel

Jonathan Corson-Rikert was an active member of the art community in Madison, Wisconsin. He served on the board of a cooperative gallery, exhibited his work in several galleries, and competed successfully for public art projects. Jonathan Corson-Rikert's sculptures were chosen for the 1980 Wisconsin Biennale and the permanent collection of the Madison Art Center, now the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

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Sponsored by the Lyons Community Foundation

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