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The Melba Friends Church was first built in the 1920's. It is located on the corner of Randolph and 3rd street, directly behind the Melba Valley Museum. The current view is not the original building. The building has been remodeled several times and burned down in the mid 70's.

Current View of Melba Friends Church

Sky, Road surface, Asphalt, Shade

Friends Church 1920

Wheel, Tire, Window, Motor vehicle

The Melba Friends church is one of the younger churches in Melba. It has only being around a little more than 100 years as compared to some of the other churches that have been in Melba for about 106 years. The Friends church also owns the Tower Theater in Melba. This offers its church members many options to hold events for the church or the community. The church is active with many of the town celebrations including the 4th of July parade. Several years in a row it has participated with creating floats and the passing out candy to children along the parade route.

Madge Cook Wylie

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Nancy Peck Vitkovich

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