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The St. Joseph's Catholic Church of Melba was established in 1916. It was originally St. Joseph's Mission. The church is located north of the town very close to the school. It has a sister parish and school in Nampa. This church has served the Melba community for 106 years. See the website for more information.

Current View of Melba St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Sky, Window, Asphalt, Facade

Plaque on Melba St. Joseph's Catholic Church

Rectangle, Font, Signage, Electric blue

Here is an excerpt from Madge Wylie's Centennial scrapbook of Melba.

First Melba Church - A little house in Melba served as the first St. Joseph's Church. Historians report that the little church was drafty and the mice sometimes at the candles. The present church was built in 1963 with help from a Catholic Church Extension Society grant. In the more recent years, this church has had to add to it's parking lot. It's attendance has grown over the many years. People originally from Melba, will often travel to this small church for more of an intimate service. There have been many weddings performed here over the 106 years.

Madge Wylie

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Nancy Peck Vitkovich

Nancy Peck Vitkovich