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The Park Street Library @ The Lyric is the largest of the seven Hartford Public Library branches. It provides all the services that a typical library would: internet access, printing, and of course, checking out books. Graciela Rivera is the current manager of the Park Street library branch, and she played a pivotal role in its opening.

The main entrance to the Park Street Library

Building, Window, Fixture, Door

The first version of the Park Library opened in 1928 on Park Street. In 1939, it moved to Broad Street, until 1975 when it moved back to Park Street. Finally, in the fall of 2021, the library took up residence at the site of the Lyric Theater, which was an old theater and film house that opened almost one hundred years ago in 1923. The historic building was unfortunately demolished, but architects incorporated features of the Lyric within the library, including reproductions of murals inside the theater. The branch's upgrade has been a long time coming; for over 25 years, Frog Hollow residents have advocated for an expansion. For the Park Street Library @ The Lyric to exist as it does today is a resounding victory for (and by!) the community.

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