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The Tower Theatre was built in 1946 by George Lindholm. It was purchased by Walters Butte Grange in 1957. As of 2022 it is owned by the Melba Friends Church. It is used for local events, church functions and other community needs. Some families rent it out for reunions during the holidays.

Plaque from 2012

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Add from Centennial scrapbook

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Current look of building as of March 2022

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Look of Tower Theatre in it's prime

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The Tower Theater was a working theatre beginning in 1946. People would attend the theatre to watch the newest movie releases. In the mid 1960's and 1970's, locals would gather at the theatre to visit Santa Claus and watch a Christmas movie. Santa would hand out bags of candy and oranges to the children. There were several different local men who dressed as Santa. Robert Merrick, George Kirkland are ones that come to mind. The Tower Theatre was also a way for local business to advertise. One of pictures below shows you the adds that ran years ago. "Free!... 11 Beautiful Gifts. Prizes to be given away each Wednesday evening about 9 p.m. You must be present to win."

Madge Wylie

Nancy Peck Vitkovich

Tina Montgomery Taylor

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Nancy Peck Vitkovich

Madge Wylie

Nancy Peck Vitkovich

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