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The Baptist Church was first established in 1916. It was built on land that was donated by Clay C. Todd the founder of Melba. This church is located on the corner of Randolph and 4th street. For many years this church has been attended by the local folks of Melba

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The Melba Community Baptist Church was one of the original buildings in the Town. Here is an excerpt from a local paper back in the early 1900's.

"New Baptist Pastor. W.B Hopper, of Wilson, has accepted a call to fill the pulpit of the Baptist Church of Melba, beginning last Sunday. He has moved in from Wilson with his family, who are at present occupying the rooms in the church building. They will move into the Todd house on Randolph street as soon as additions and repairs can be made."

The church has changed its appearance many times over the years. Taking pride in the street view of the church. This church has served this community for 106 years.

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