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This is the family home of the Kromer family, and is the last location the Huntington, West Virginia area author Thomas Kromer lived. Having grown up in Huntington, he wrote the novel Waiting for Nothing about his experience living as homeless person in and around Huntington. Having moved to New Mexico, he returned to his home town due to health problems, and this is the house he lived in. He would die in 1969, and is buried in Huntington.

The house at 3613 Brandon Road is important to the life of Thomas Kromer because this is where he primarily spent the last years of his life. Kromer lived a solitary life at this house, normally confining himself in his room at the back of the house listening to records and quaffing red wine. The house was owned by Kromers family and was primarily cared for by his two sisters Emogene and Katherine.

Other relatives of Kromer that still live in the Huntington area today say they would seldom see him outside of his room only leaving if he absolutely had to and even then not for very long. The house on Brandon Road is the last segment in Tom Kromer and gives insight into his final years that help us to better understand the ending of this man’s story.

Following his death, he was buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, 6 miles away from his final home, which is currently private residence.

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