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Shiloh Baptist Church: Built in 1926 – The church was founded in 1880

This church developed as one of the three larger and more important Black churches in Topeka, and the only one of the three in Tennesseetown. Shiloh Baptist Church’s congregation was established in 1879 by a group of Black people from Tennessee and Kentucky who came to Topeka, Kansas and settled in King’s Addition. This is the congregation’s third structure. In 1926 the basement was completed and used for church services before the erection of the unfinished main auditorium in 1928. Between the years 1931 and 1939, the second unit of the church was partially improved, so that services which formerly had been held in the basement could be in the main auditorium. Major construction projects were completed throughout the ensuing years under the tenure of various senior pastors until the building was completed in 1954. Shiloh Baptist Church is on the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A for its association with Topeka’s African American community of Tennessee Town and under Criterion C as a unique local example of the combination of Neoclassical and Rustic design. 

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