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Located in Florham Park near the Passaic River, Imagine That!!! holds the proud role of being one of the premier children’s museums and play areas west of Newark. Throughout the museum’s 16,000-square-foot facility that includes over 50 unique, hands-on exhibits, children and parents alike can discover both education and fun. Whether children are playing in an exhibit or party planners are organizing an event in one of the five private party rooms, Imaging That!!! features specially trained staff to promote the educational aspects of each exhibit, and due to the tight and friendly supervision, parents can enjoy an opportunity to kick back and relax. In fact, due to the variety of exhibits and special activities held throughout the year, Imagine That!!! caters to nearly 75,000 children and 30,000 adults each year, and NJ Monthly voted Imagine That!!! as the 2014 Jersey Choice Best Kids Destination.

  • The Victorian House and Flower Garden Exhibit
  • Grocery Store & Diner Exhibit
  • Live Music at Imagine That!!!

Educational and Interactive Exhibits

Although Imagine That!!! endures as a highly popular destination for birthday parties and other events, the museum's encourages kids and parents to come for a rainy Sunday activity and explore the many diverse exhibits. 

The largest exhibit at the museum caters to automobile lovers, and the Varoom!!! Vehicle Showroom features five full-sized vehicles, including a motorcycle, a firetruck, and even a piper club airplane. Another popular exhibit at the museum is the Around the World gallery, which displays artifacts and interactive items from around the world. Other exhibits include the Imagination Train Station, the Science Discoveries Room, the Pirate Ship, and the Puppet Theater. 

Keep in mind that every exhibit allows children to climb, play, and interact with most of the items. For example, the TV News Room allows kids to watch themselves deliver the news or the weather on TV, while the Doctor and Dentist Offices help kids learn about the organs in the body and how they work. After a long day of discovery, the Cafe Eatery presents tasty treats from the snack bar, and the museum Gift Shop offers a large variety of toys and games designed to stimulate learning.1

Field Trips and Museum Activities

Teachers looking to give their kids a new educational experience can organize field trips to Imagine That!!! The convenient layout ensures supervision, and the variety of exhibits are rated for children ages 18-months to second grade. In addition to running around the museum and exploring the various exhibits, children can also take part in several activities and programs that the museum provides. 

For example, the interactive and educational puppet shows focus on age-appropriate themes such as kindness, nutrition, the seasons of the year, and many others. Within the Arts & Crafts room, children and teachers can explore their creative sides, and upon request, the museum will organize specific crafting or other educational science programs for the kids. 

Seasonal specials are especially popular, and when Christmas approaches, Santa often pays a visit to Imagine That!!!2

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