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Hotel Mitchell was opened in 1885 by Harrison Mitchell on the corner of Cherry and Washington and constructed by John L. Beagles, a prominent contractor in Nevada who also built Cottey College on College Street. The hotel had three floors, with the first offering a dining area, parlor, dance hall, kitchen laundry room, and lounge. The second and third floors consisted of 50 rooms for customers and shared bathrooms.

This was where Hotel Mitchell was and now there is a mural of what it looked like.

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In 1937 the hotel was remodeled and became one of Nevada's most elegant spot.

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The Mitchell Hotel was located on east Cherry, nearly a block east of the southeast corner of the square.

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Where the hotel used to be before it got torn down, is where the parking lot is now.

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A sketch of Harrison Mitchell

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The hotel hosted famous guests, including John L. Sullivan, a heavyweight, the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing. The hotel also hosted composer John Philip Sousa and Richard Nixon, In 1907, Harrison retired and leased the hotel to other operators. The hotel operated until 1994 and the building was condemned and demolished four years later. Today it is the site of the parking lot and a mural painted in 1999. The mural was painted by Tony Udovich and depicts Mitchell Hotel in its prime.

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