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Walkers should now look across the street using crosswalk by 7-11 to the other side of the bridge. To your right is Waterford’s/Gagliard’s and to your left, on the other side of the river where there is a Dunkin’s, this was where the Samoset Club was.


 Waterford’s Restaurant is before the bridge on the right and for 100 years three different restaurants have occupied the building. Today Waterford’s offers Irish food and drink, live entertainment and a function hall that is popular for all types of events including some community functions. 

Prior to Waterford’s, it was The Old Irish Alehouse; the original was Gagliard’s. Many residents still talk about their delicious pizza. Waterford’s site was also home to several boat houses. Canoe houses lined that side of the river from Waterford’s to McGolf. 

Samoset Canoe Club::

During the turn of the century through the 1940’s, the Riverdale section of the Charles River was bustling with activity. Havey’s Beach, the carousel and the pool hall brought visitors from near and far. Because of the preferred location and easy access to the water, rowing grew in popularity. For the more serious rowers several canoe clubs were formed and established along the banks of the Charles including The Nite Owls, Breeds, Omicron Delta, and Crescent; just to name a few.    

The most decorated such club was The Samoset Canoe Club. It was located on the West Roxbury side of the river near the Spring Street Bridge. “Samo’s”, as it was known,  produced some of the finest rowers of their time. Riverdale residents, Francis and Henry Bingham and the Volk brothers, Leo, Walter, Albert and Harold, Harry Amos and others were champion rowers. They represented the Samoset Canoe Club in annual regattas and marathon races that were watched by thousands of spectators along the Charles River bringing home trophy after trophy. 

Samo’s motto, “Without Halting, Without Rest, lifting “Better” Up to “Best”, certainly inspired these young men to reach the pinnacle of rowing.

Gagliard’s painting was David Noyd Art turned into his Christmas Card received by Clement Family

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Samoset Canoe Club and Canoe Livery

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Canoe tow along the Charles River

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Esso and Rec Center and Bowling Alley attached to a_______ canoe club

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