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What is known about Juergen Schroeder is that he also was a business owner. But he wasn't the only business owner along Washington Avenue. The buildings themselves are of the same structure, but at the same time, they are very different in how they conducted their business here in Cedarburg.

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There is another side to Juergen Schroeder; he was a store owner. He was the owner of a merchandise store next to other businesses operating in the same area. For example, Jacob Becker owned and operated a saloon, while L.E. Jochem's general merchandise store, the other owner next to him. Juergen Schroeder's store was made out of cream city brick; the same brick used to build his residence. Before he moved into his residence next door, he established living quarters above the store for him. A Grecco-Italianate inspired the store's design that shows a cameo window on its roof and stone-shaped window Entes. On the other hand, the other buildings are also inspired by this same structure.

As mentioned before, the following two buildings are very similar to Schroeder's store. In addition, the two buildings south of Schroeder's store are made out of cream city brick, just as Schroeder's business is. They have very similar twin-bracketed wooden cornices along with the buildings as well. Not much is known about the other two owners of the other stores, but they all, along with Schroeder, have one thing in common. The three owners established these storefronts for a reason; they were there to build a life for themselves, their families, and the community of Cedarburg as a whole. Schroeder's contributions made this section of Washington avenue what it is today, and that, as a whole, is his legacy to this town.

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