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This plot was created in 1892, by dividing the large plot that contains 137 Miami Avenue. It was sold to Lida Greathouse for $325 and remained in that family until 1961. The house shows a shingle design influence and has a variety of wall surfaces. The front façade has a stained glass window with 30 small panes. Scrolled brackets support the west bay window and imbricated and sunburst patterns decorate the gable ends. The current porch has two pediments, but the original porch was smaller. Lida Greathouse was the wife of Harry Greathouse, a salesman. Harry and Lida’s son, Paul, became a well known and successful Osteopathic Physician in Franklin and Dayton. The censuses of 1900 and 1910 show Harry, Lida, and their son Paul living here. Because it is so well preserved, the house would look like it did 100 years ago if only the porch were replaced and it was painted in Victorian period tones.