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On the Muskingum River, close to where it reaches the Ohio River, sits the Ohio River Museum. The museum explores the history of the Ohio River, which is one of the most important rivers in the United States. While on the tour, visitors can learn about the ecology of the river, its role in the golden age of the steamboat, and more. Comprising of three buildings, the museum offers guests an insight as to why the Ohio River has played such an important role in American history. Additionally, on the outside of the museum, visitors can take a tour of the W. P. SNYDER JR, the last intact steam-powered, stern-wheeled towboat in the United States.

  • The W. P. Snyder is the highlight of the tour

Each of the three buildings of the Ohio River Museum house a different exhibit. The first exhibit describes the natural history and origins of the Ohio River. The second provides a history of the steamboat on the Ohio River and features video presentation on river steamboats. Boat building, mussels in the Ohio River system, and tools and equipment from the steamboat era are displayed in the third building.

By stepping aboard the W.P. Snyder Jr., which happens to be the nation’s last intact steam-powered, stern-wheeled towboat, visitors can explore the story of the Ohio River. Visitors may also cruise the Ohio River on the Valley Gem, a working sternwheeler that is docked next to the Ohio River Museum.

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