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This site contains the only stone slave quarters in all of Garrand County, where Bryantsville is located.

  • John Leavell Quarters
  • House on land near Quarters

*What is known about the Quarters and the land it was built on (and the owners of original land) comes from mainly oral testimony of descendants of land owners. More information is needed.

Due to the abundance of springs in the area (15 in all), the farm of Benjamin Bright was called "Spring Garden". It is unknown when or how the land was granted to John Leavell. The stone house was built for slaves and called the John Leavell Quarters, date unknown. It is unclear if he built it or hired out to build the home for slaves. The stone home was the only one of its kind for slaves in Garrand County and had a rare central chimney in rear of home.

In 1876, John Leavall sold the land to Richard Ballard, the father of the land's previous owner. Sometime after the Civil War, Yert Cromer, simply referred to as "an old negro man" lived in the stone home for a time.