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This building began as the location of a dairy and was later sold to a milk company founded in Stow and was then sold to a larger food chain. The dairy founder passed away in a car crash in Stow, and the building was later used for the Citizens Bank.

Stow Dairy/Charter One Bank site

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The Stow Dairy was operated by Al Stein, who started his business in 1920. The first Stow Dairy location was at 149 Hudson Road (now Darrow Road). The building was erected in 1941 at the corner of W. Kent Road and Elm Road. Stow Dairy processed milk from local farmers and sold dairy products directly to the public. Stow Dairy was purchased by Lawson Milk Company in 1953. James J. Lawson of Stow founded the Lawson Milk Company in 1939 and began selling milk in gallon-size glass bottles. Lawson sold his stores (in more than 190 locations) in 1958 to Consolidated Foods. He died in a car crash in Stow in 1962.

This is now the site of the Citizens Bank.