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Operated by the Jackson County Historical Society, the museum is located in a 1918 vintage lock house along the Ohio River. The museum is situated at Riverfront Park in Ravenswood, WV. The Sayre Log House is located in the same park. It represents an early pioneer home of Jackson County.

  • The museum is located in a 1918 lock house along the Ohio River.
  • Several uniforms and memorabilia from WWI and WWII are in the museum.
  • This hearse was once a horse-drawn vehicle used by a Ravenswood funeral parlor.
  • This display reflects the rich river history found in the museum.
Collections represent settlers of the area with tools, clothing, furniture, dishes, photographs, Native American artifacts and memorabilia from World War I and World War II.
Special sections include a classroom, mercantile, hearse and locally manufactured glassware.
Several photographs of early river traffic from the Ohio River are featured.