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102 East Main Street. Common name: D and F Caf. e Date of construction: circa 1912. Style: Vernacular, Western False Front. Significance: Compatible

D & F Cafe

Window, Building, Sky, Door

Single-story frame building with gable roof oriented longitudinally on lot 21 feet wide. Historic views of ca. 1915-1920 show that siding and false front are shiplap and that false front had the kind of wooden cornice which made this vernacular type the simplest expression of the Italianate Style. The shop front had traditional display windows and wood bulkheads. About 1956 the exterior was comprehensively stuccoed and the cornice removed. A canopy was added to shelter the remodeled storefront in which bulkheads of plate glass windows are veneered with brick. While this property dates from the secondary period of development, it is presently classified for tax purposes as compatible owing to the effect of the 1956 alterations upon the character of the building.

This building was used as the office of the Eastern Oregon Canning Company when it was started in the late 1940's. It has been several restaurant businesses, and a sporting goods store. When the sidewalks were replaced a few years ago, an additional entry was discovered which made it easy to take cream into basement of the building when it was a creamery. It fell into such poor condition that it was in danger of demolition, but now has been given a new life and is a nice location in our Commercial District.

Information from the Historic Commercial District National Register for Historic Places nomination documentation. Additional research by Bob Gilliland of Weston, Oregon.

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