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Constructed in 1933 in Crater Lake National Park, the Crater Lake Superintendent's Residence was designed and built by the National Park Service. As with many other park structures built by the service, the superintendent's residence exemplifies the desire to construct rustic buildings that were architecturally appropriate for national parks, both aesthetically and functionally. The residence features walls made up of large boulders and a steep roof. The use of boulders decreased the amount of time needed to build the structure and made it more fire resistant. The steep roof allowed snow to fall off more easily. Visually, the house was designed to be striking and befitting of a national park. The residence is now one part of the park's Science and Learning Center (another building located nearby, the Chief Naturalist's residence, is part of the center as well and is also a historic structure). The Superintendent's Residence is listed a National Historic Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • The former Crater Lake Superintendent's Residence, now part of the Science and Learning Center