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The American Quarter Horse Association dates back to a group of ranchers who met in 1940 to discuss ways to preserve the Steeldust horse, known today as the American Quarter Horse. Before long, it was clear that they also sought a way to preserve the heritage and history of the horses and the ranchers, farmers, explorers, and soldiers who worked with them. Established years later, the museum offers a variety of exhibits and programs related to the history of horses, horse racing, ranching, and mounted cavalry units. The museum's entrance is marked by stunning bronze statues of legendary horses. The The Grand Hall introduces visitors to important people and horses throughout history and contains information on all of the humans and horses who have been inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. In addition to several galleries that preserve and share the history of the American Quarter Horse, an area for children, a theater, and a library.

  • This museum and hall of fame shares the history of legendary horses, cowboys, ranchers, breeders, and others who work with the American Quarter Horse.