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Dating back to 1894, the One Hundred Members’ Debating Benevolent Association was one a leading fraternal organization of the African American community. Founded by 12 members, the organization raised funds to support the families of members, as well as providing charity to community members and a place for lectures, debates, cultural activities, and entertainment. In 1922, the organization built this building as their headquarters. 100 Men D.B.A. Hall served as the center of African American social life in Bay St. Louis, and many events were sponsored by the association over the years. During the 1940s and 1950s, this hall was one of the premiere venues for touring blues and jazz acts, with great musicians such as Etta James performing here. The venue is listed on the Mississippi Blues Trail and continues to host traveling musicians and other activities.

  • Built in 1922, this hall served as the center of black cultural life and continues to host live music.