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The central hallway is original to Temple's adobe and is unusual in a 19th century adobe home. The indoor stairway's painted newel posts, balusters, and handrails are made of redwood, which Temple imported from Monterey, CA. The walls in the lower portion of the adobe are about 3’ thick to be strong enough to support the upper story, as you can see stepping into this doorway. The mirror at the bottom of the stairs was previously in the home of Lewellyn Bixby I, when he lived in Los Angeles in the 1880s. The lithograph hanging on the wall dates to 1873. It is by A. L. Bancroft and is of Los Angeles. 

If you would like to to see the bedrooms and veranda upstairs, please watch your head as you ascend the stairs (the overhang is low) and use the hand rail (the stairs are steep). If the ropes/stanchions are currently preventing access to the upstairs portion of the adobe, please find a volunteer to gain access.


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Hallway Mirror

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Lithograph (1873)

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