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Located at Johnson Farm, this natural history museum offers a view of fossilized dinosaur tracks, remains of various dinosaurs, and other animals from the Jurassic Period. The site also includes a wide variety of mineral specimens, fossils, and exhibits about animals and fish that lived thousands of years ago.

A front view of the museum.

A front view of the museum.

In 2000, Dr. Sheldon Johnson, a local optometrist, discovered fossilized dinosaur tracks on his property after attempting to level a hill on his property. As time went on, verified paleontologists assisted Dr. Johnson in properly excavating and identifying dinosaur tracks, which led to dozens of more fossils being properly excavated and preserved.

Realizing the possible scientific knowledge that could be obtained, as well as the potential for public education, Dr. Johnson and his wife worked with various officials and the City of St. George to construct the museum that stands here today.

Now, the museum is open to the public, with advanced information available on the extensive collection of dinosaur tracks, fossilized fish, dinosaur bones, and other assorted relics of the past. The museum also hosts a variety of events for tourists who are interested, including summer programs for children and other events, such as “Dino Days in Dixie.”

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