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Operated by the La Crosse County Historical Society, the historic Hixon House offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of a wealthy late 19th c. lumber baron and his family. This building at 145 West Ave., houses the organization's offices and a storage facility for nearly 15,000 historic artifacts. Volunteers give tours at Hixon House, as docents, and also give tours on the historic trolley tours, and other tour buses.

  • The La Crosse County Historical Society

The La Crosse County Historical Society (LCHS) was organized to preserve and share the history of La Crosse County and the Coulee Region. The organization offers programs for adults and children such as Discover the Silent City, Folk Life La Crosse, exhibitions, publications, and their online database of historic artifacts. In June of 2020, the organization plans to open a small museum of local history in downtown La Crosse that will focus on the community's early history and life on the Mississippi River.

The member-governed non-profit has a membership between 300 and 350. Its board of directors is elected by the membership and usually numbers between 10 and 13 members. Full-time staff consists of an executive director and a curator. LCHS accomplishes its many events ad activities with the help of a large cadre of volunteers.

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