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The Methodist-Episcopal Church and later the Free Methodists operated this co-educational preparatory school that influenced Evansville for over 50 years. Famous graduates of the school include Senator Robert “Fighting Bob” LaFollette and University of Wisconsin President Charles R. Van Hise. The seminary later became the Wyler School, a "semi-military" boy's preparatory school. The school closed due to an awful situation involving sexual abuse charges against the headmaster and others.

  • Wyler Military School as it once looked.

The oldest and most architecturally significant building is the three-story red brick main building. The original four corner chimneys, central tower, and roof balustrade were removed nearly 100 years ago. The cream brick two-story building to the south (now attached) was built in 1884. The original bell tower has been removed. The third building, a three-story dark red brick classroom and gymnasium was built in 1917.