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Sitting high above the Verde River atop a ridge lies Tuzigoot, Tuzigoot consists of the pieces of one of the largest pueblos built by the Sinagua and is an ancient village. Tuzigoot, is an Apache word that means "crooked water." It was built between 1100 and 1450 AD and consisted 110 rooms in two stories.

  • Tuzigoot at sunrise.
  • The entrance to Tuzigoot.
  • Tuzigoot National Monument

Tuzigoot is small but lovely and has been compared to resembling a castle or fort. It is considered the most beautiful site of the Sinagua people. Tuzigoot is made of river cobbles and the old structure was topped with a two-story watchtower that was later rebuilt by the National Park Service.Tuzigoot only started off as small cluster of 50 people who lived there  and this continued for 100 years. In the 1200s, the population soared to around 200 people since the farmers were fleeing the drought and decided to move here.

The Hohokam were the first to live in Verde Valley area around 600 A.D. Then the Sinagua came later and built above-ground dwellings that were influenced by Anasazi to the north.A long time ago the river it overlooks once flowed in a loop around the west side but long before the arrival of any people it somehow changed its course. Today it runs along the east side of Tuzigoot. The original riverbed then became a large marshy area that was used by the inhabitants to grow crops.

To enter into these dwellings, you would of have had to enter through the hatchways on the roofs. The walls inside were covered in red like mud plaster. The monument was excavated from 1933 to 1935 by Louis Caywood as well as Edward Spicer both of the University of Arizona. This was done with funding from the federal Civil Works Administration and Works Project Administration. In 1935-1936, with additional funding, the ruins were made ready for public display.At this same time a Pueblo Revival-style museum and visitor center were also constructed. The museum is home to several artifacts as well as a model of what the pueblo probably looked like. Photo sources: Video Source: