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Established in 1976 as a university gallery, the La Salle University Art Museum has acquired a growing collection of five thousand works that constitute its permanent collection. The museum also provides galleries to display student work and supports the educational mission of the university and its art history program with lectures and special events that are open to the public. LaSalle is the only Philadelphia area university with a permanent collection of works from the Renaissance to the present on display.

  • The museum offers a variety of works, including pieces from the Renaissance such as this painting by Antonio Molinari (1665-1704), Italian Expulsion from Paradise
  • The museum is located on the lower level of Olney Hall
The museum collection has grown significantly from the decision to create an art history program in the 1960s to the establishment of permanent gallery and collection spaced on campus. The museum hosts exhibits of student work as well as many historically significant works from 1400 to the present. 
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