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Built with Muldoon Blue sandstone and cream limestone in 1894, this historic courthouse features the Second Empire style of architecture. One of the most distinctive county courthouses, this structure's pointed roof towers were modeled partially upon the famous Goliad courthouse as both buildings share the same architect, E. M. Guidon. The bell tower serves as the building's other distinctive exterior feature, complete with a four-faced clock and custom-cast bell. The courthouse lawn includes a Confederate monument

  • The third courthouse built for Caldwell County, this beautiful building became a Texas Historic Landmark in 1976.
  • This historic marker on the courthouse lawn describes some of the building's architectural features.
  • The courthouse clock has four faces, allowing anyone in the courthouse square to see the clock
The county's first courthouse was built at this same location in 1848. A decade later, a two-story structure replaced the frame building. By 1890, the county had grown significantly and the government needed something larger than the two-story building which was only 65 feet by 40 feet. Plans to build the current courthouse began in 1893 and the present courthouse was built the next year. 
Caldwell County Courthouse,