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The American Civil War Memorial in Waterloo honors area residents who served the Union during the war. The monument was designed by Pietro del Fabro from Princeton Junction New Jersey. The monument consists of small memorials to each local soldier who died in the conflict. and can be found along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal.

  • American Civil War Memorial
  • American Civil War Memorial

The American Civil War Memorial consists of single monuments for every man who lived in Waterloo who lost their lives in the war. There is also a North-South monument remembering all those who died. This monument is made of rocks that were distributed from the 36 states that made up the country when the war was over. There is a monument for women as well to remember the service of those women who were involved in the war. The Unit Cenotaph documents the units that Waterloo and Seneca County men were a part of and names the battles they were involved in.

            The monument's central feature is a marble pillar and flame that burns in honor of the soldiers and their service in preserving the Union. The monument also includes a replica of an American flag from 1865. It was the citizens of Waterloo who helped make the American Civil War Memorial. In 2007 locals joined with each other to start, cutting out the monuments.  Engraved in the star rock are 620 stars coated with 23K gold.  Every star stands for 1000 deaths in the war.  The site was also decorated with lilacs and other plants.

            On 25 August, 2009 The Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865, New York Department laid claim to the American Civil War Memorial.  They control the place, setting up special occasions here, showing visitors around, and running activities.  Before it was the name we call it now, Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day. It associated with the process of adorning the grave of Civil War troops with corsages of lilacs. Due to a decision made by the U.S. Congress and declaration made by President Lyndon Johnson, Waterloo was named as the origin of Memorial Day in 1966.  Established on 20 September 2008, this memorial pays respect to those who died and were therefore subject to the first Memorial Day 5 May 1866. 1

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