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Shea Stadium was home to the Mets from 1964-2008. The stadium was also used at times by the New York Jets, Giants, and Yankees. The stadium is best remembered for being a mecca for New York sports in the 1970s. Shea was known for much more than sports, however, as it hosted numerous concerts and events over the years before it's demolition in 2009. The stadium hosted guests and entertainers from the Pope to the Beatles. Memories of the stadium will forever live on in the minds of Met's fans and citizens of New York.

  • Shea stadium was the site of many important historic events. The Mets used the stadium up until 2008.
  • The stadium was built as modern as possible in 1961. As well as hosting baseball, it was also very important to the music industry.
  • Construction of Shea Stadium from the 1960s
  • New York Mets team logo
  • Moments after the final out to clinch the second World Series for the Mets
In the early 60's, the Mets wanted to move out of the Polo Grounds, so Mayor Robert Wagner proposed a new top of the line stadium built for two sports. Four years after the proposal, Shea Stadium was established in Queens, New York. Named after Bill Shea, the goal of the stadium was to bring in a new National League baseball team to New York to compensate the New York Yankees, who are in the American League. Although the stadium lived in the shadow of hallowed Yankee Stadium, Shea would go on to become a center for New York sports for many years to come. 

When building Shea, designers incorporated ideas used in the most modern baseball stadium at the time. Shea boasted elevators, 54 restrooms, restaurants, and the largest scoreboard in baseball at the time. The stadium also contained the first "light ring" around the top of the stadium to illuminate night games. These features spring-boarded Shea into the future of baseball as well as leading it to host some of the most important events in history.

Although mainly used for baseball, Shea also hosted football games along with a visit from the Pope and the Beatles. In 1965, Shea held a concert for the Beatles, which was the first arena rock concert in history. The stadium packed in 60,000 people to capacity levels to spurn on the new age of concerts in America. In 1979, the Pope graced Shea, seating around the same amount of people in only the second ever papal visit to the United States. The stadium also hosted Notre Dame college football games, the New York Jets and Giants, numerous professional boxing matches, World Cup soccer games, President Bill Clinton's visit to celebrate Jackie Robinson, and many musical artists, such as the Rolling Stones.

Baseball in the Big Apple also began to boom around Shea's opening. The stadium hosted the 1964 All-star game as well as multiple World Series championships. Willie Mays even graced the Mets uniform on May 14, 1972, which was his first game as a Met at Shea Stadium. Shea had two of the most memorable series' in baseball history. In Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Boston Red Sox first basemen Bill Buckner let a ground ball roll through his legs in what would be an epic collapse for the Boston Red Sox to keep their "curse" alive. Two days after the so-called "Buckner Game," the Mets won their second World Series title by defeating the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 by a score of 8-5. Also, in 2000, the Mets hosted the Yankees in what would be known as the "Subway Series." The Yankees would go on to win but Shea was the site of many important moments in the series. What first began in the 19th century as the "Trolley Series," now known as the "Subway Series," the Yankees and Mets will forever fight for bragging rights in New York every season.

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