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This historic marker located in the square of Jacksonville honors the 10th Alabama Infantry Regiment. The regiment enrolled 1,429 soldiers, approximately three hundred were killed in battle while another 180 were lost to disease. The regiment was organized at Montgomery by Colonel John Forney, Lt. Colonel James Martin, and Major John Woodward.

  • This monument honors the men of the 10th Alabama Volunteers of the Army of Northern Virginia
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The 10th Alabama Infantry was mustered into service in Montgomery on July 4, 1861. The regiment moved to Winchester, Virginia in July. On December 20, 1861, the 10th Infantry fought in the Battle of Dranesville, where they lost 21 men including Lt. Colonel James Martin and 64 soldiers. In May, 1862, the regiment lost 85 men in the Battle of Williamsburg, The following month they lost 38 men in the Battle of Gaines' Mill. Three days after the Battle of Gaines' Mill, the 10th Infantry lost 32 more men and suffered 95 more wounded in the battle of Frasier's Farm.

The 10th Alabama Infantry took part in over a dozen battle throughout the Civil War, including Gettysburg and Antietam. During the Battle of Antietam, the regiment lost over fifty percent of the 200 men who saw action. In the Battle of Gettysburg, the regiment they lost 15 men. In addition, 89 of the 450 who participated in the battle were wounded. 

After the Battle of Gettysburg, the regiment saw action in four more battles and lost over 100 men. In 1865 the infantry suffered over a dozen casualties. Between April 1 and April 9, 1865 the 10th Alabama lost 30 casualties in the Retreat to Appomattox and finally on April 9, the 10th Alabama Infantry surrendered 10 officers and 70 men. 
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